Q: I Have 3 Torque Wrenches Should I Buy A Torque Tester So I Can Certify The Wrench Myself?

Answer: Generally speaking, it is not cost effective to purchase torque wrench repair and calibration equipment for a small amount of torque wrenches - usually 20 wrenches or more would show ROI within a 2 year period.

Q: How Often Should I Calibrate My Wrench?
Answer: Most Torque companies recommend a torque wrench calibration interval of once a year or every 4000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Q: Why Isn't Calibration Under Warranty?
Answer: Most Torque products are calibrated before leaving the factory.  Most Torque companies cannot guarantee the customers’ proper use and care of its torque equipment, therefore, Most Torque companies WILL NOT warranty the torque calibration and repair of any tool.

Q: Where Can I Purchase Torque Parts and Products From Team Torque?
Answer: Please contact us directly and we can give you great suggestions based on your needs on whom to contact for your torque tool needs. - Team Torque does not sell new torque products.

Q: Can I Purchase Torque Tools Directly From Team Torque?
Answer: Generally the answer is no.  Team Torque does not sell directly to any end user.  We do sell refurbished torque equipment through our website and Ebay store.

Q: Where Can I Get Parts For My Torque Wrench?
Answer: Team Torque is a master parts distributor for many torque products, makes and models. Call 888-682-8675 or email .

Q: Does Team Torque Repair Many Brands Or Torque Wrenches?
Answer: Team Torque repairs and calibrates torque equipment from ALL brands.

Q: Can I Use A “Cheater Bar” On A Torque Wrench?
Answer: You should never, under any circumstances, use a “cheater bar” with a torque wrench.  Not only is the accuracy adversely affected by cheater bar tools, but also serious bodily injury may result.

Q: Is The Torque Wrench Accuracy Affected If I Use An Extension?
Answer: It depends on what type of torque wrench extension bar you are using.  If you are using a wrench extension bar that is vertical to the drive, it has no affect on the accuracy.  If you are using an extension torque wrench bar that is horizontal to the drive, such as a crowfoot, making the effective length longer, then you need to use the adapter torque wrench formula.