How to Use and Store a Torque Wrench Properly

    • Torque Wrench Calibration: Most torque instruments have a factory calibration recommended interval of one year.  Many torque instruments may need to be tested multiple times per year depending upon the usage and user needs.

    • Storage: All torque instruments should be stored in their original case.  Avoid any torque wrench storage locations that are subject to high or low temperatures and high humidity.  "Clicker" style torque wrenches should always be turned down and stored at the torque wrenches lowest possible setting.

    • Usage: Before and after every use, make a visual inspection.  Look for any signs for wear or deterioration.  Make sure the unit is locked on the proper torque setting before use.  Grip handle correctly in the proper position and secure your feet for possible breakage of tool.  We recommend safety glasses when using any torque wrench or torque product. For more information, please view our Torque Tool Safety Tips.

Reasons for Torque Wrench Failure

  • Use - Highly used instruments will show more wear than those that are only used occasionally.

  • Abuse - Using torque wrenches and other instruments for jobs that they were not intended.  Do not drop your torque wrench or overload the wrench with a pipe extension.

  • Improper Wrench Storage - Storing the torque wrench in conditions that will lead to the corrosion in the tool.  High humidity areas for instance.  Storing "clicker" style torque wrenches in any setting besides the lowest one will cause main spring wear and failure.

  • Improper maintenance - Failure to properly have the tool cleaned and calibrated on a yearly basis.  Checking the instrument before and after every use.  Failure to send in for replace worn or broken parts.

Team Torque in a Nut Shell

"How can we provide innovation and distinguish ourselves in the torque calibration and repair industry?"

That was the question bouncing around within the walls of Team Torque several years ago.  What could we do to set ourselves apart from the competition?  We knew there were two factors that are very important to our customers.  The work had to be done right the first time and the tools needed to be returned quickly.  These are two goals that continue to drive us today.

From the early days of Team Torque's existence, it's been a high priority to return tools quickly.  Turn around time has actually continued to improve as a result of greater experience and ongoing company improvements.  Currently, our customers enjoy an average time of only two days for their torque tools at our facility.  Through the incorporation of a paperless electronic tool management system, bar coded parts inventory, and hands-free data transfer for our technicians we've managed to improve the speed of the torque wrench care process.  Additionally, this system has enhanced quality at the same time by removing human error opportunities of days gone by.

Team Torque continues to maintain A2LA Accreditation to ISO 17025.  This high quality program outlines strict regulations and requirements to help assure we do what we say and say what we do.  No exceptions.  While we realize that not all of our customers have a quality management system that would require this high level of accreditation, they too are benefiting because every tool receives the same world class attention to speed and detail.  And just to provide the final touch, all calibrations receive a NIST traceable certificate at no additional cost.

Our customers have come to expect the best from Team Torque Inc. and we continue to find innovative ways to deliver on those expectations.