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Factory Priority Authorized Service Center

Our state-of-the art 6000 sq foot facility offers high quality A2LA certified torque equipment calibration services, preventative maintenance programs and 24-7 service for all your tools and torque equipment.  Send your torque equipment to us or we will come to you - you choose.

We provide a high quality certification for torque tool calibration traceable to NIST.  ALL torque wrench calibrations and repairs include a NIST certificate at no additional cost.  Team Torque Inc. specializes in the calibration and repair of ALL torque instruments, including torque wrenches, screwdrivers, testers, multipliers and pneumatic tools.

TTI Tech at Work

Team Torque Inc. offers a full service torque calibration lab.  We are a national factory authorized service center for Snap-On® tool repairs, CDI Torque Products, Hazet®, Kolver®, Matco®, Norbar®, Precision Instruments®, Sturtevant Richmont®, Stahl-Wille®, Tohnichi®, Tireman®, Uryu® and many other leading world-wide torque manufacturers.

Represented as the #1 National Factory Recognized Independent Authorized Service Center gives us the unique ability to repair both older torque wrenches as well as all current models.  All precision torque wrench repair, adjustments, and shipping costs are quoted prior to any work being completed.

Team Torque Inc is an independent calibration lab also providing training, consulting and multi-level onsite packages.

Team Torque Techs at Work

Our technicians pursue a standard of high quality with pride in a torque wrench service job well done.  These technicians have mastered the art of torque wrench repairs and calibrations with a combined total of over 25 years of experience.  They constantly provide a balance of great turnaround time and exceptional quality in torque wrench service.  Team Torque is accredited to A2LA standards with comprehensive training followed by ongoing intense testing and retraining to ensure the most recent methods are followed.  Our three individual torque wrench service and repair labs use state-of-the-art equipment and pursue stringent maintenance schedules to ensure the maximum quality.  Providing a quality tool is our number one goal.

Why Use Team Torque?

Team Torque Inc. is Nation's #1 Torque Calibration lab in the country.  We have the fastest turnaround in the nation.  We work on ALL makes and model of torque tools.  Our quality process (A2LA-17025) is the best.

We are dedicated to premier customer satisfaction.

Questions? Contact our President, Mark Anderson
at 701-223-4552 Ext. 14

How to Send in Your Torque Tools!

Where and how to send in your tools!

Click here to open up the online ship form, fill it out and send it in with your tools.  This will help us to ensure we get your tools calibrated and back to you as quickly as possible.

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