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The multi-talented torque pneumatic power tool repair and verification team represents more experience in calibration, verification, consulting, and interactive advisory on your company's torque needs. Our pneumatic power tool repair service team is made up of technicians, engineers, torque experts and consulting specialists. Our key to success in tool repair servicing has been developing our pneumatic power tool repair service team into a knowledge force that results in outstanding abilities to provide you needed answers and guide you in the ongoing need for an ergo-dynamic direction. Our power tool repair team has provided direction for torque pneumatic and electronic torque businesses needs around the world since 1993.

Our desire to stay at the front of the power tool servicing industry has given us opportunity to work with prestigious companies for many years. Our pneumatic power maintenance tool team prides itself in delivering them the highest level of quality work with pneumatic power tool calibration and repair. We know it's important to keep power tools repair shop's customers informed on new innovations and the latest trends of the industry. That's why we strive to make sure we continue to push the boundary of what we know as a company.

Providing the option to work with your vendors as an independent source for consulting has allowed our team to be independent of the “sales-force” and give you the teeth that you need to find the products that work best.

We are the experts in the torque industry – we are the best in the world at power tool repair as well as torque tool repair, service, and calibration.

Onsite Verification Service:

(Pulse Tool \ Pneumatic Torque)

Our pneumatic tool repair shop offers a fully-equipped service option and provide onsite oil changes and tool verifications for air pneumatic power tools, pulse tools and onsite inline DC Tool audit verifications.

These pneumatic power tool repair services will minimize downtime and provide you immediate solutions for your demanding needs.

Our Team Torque onsite pneumatic power tool repair service team can be scheduled at your convenience for all your needs – all you have to do is contact us to arrange for us to visit your facility.

Our air tool repair shop's technicians are trained to provide you great pulse tool performance with minimal disruption, and we can provide detailed documentation or reporting upon completion of all jobs.

We provide comprehensive price quotes without any hidden charges or fees for our Power Tool \ Pneumatic Torque Verification Service anywhere in the United States.

The Best Power Tool \ Pneumatic Verification Service:

Information to help you choose
Our air tool repair shop's Onsite Service will provide you a ”zero day” turnaround time
Minimize the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments
Reduce the cost of your Torque program
Provide you with additional Preventative Maintenance options for Pulse Tools
Help offset ship-in challenges
Help with additional Air Tool Repair and Calibration options

The absolute fastest mission-critical response time

Maximum equipment uptime, productivity and a good ROI

Additional Options:
Companies who use Team Torque as their partner in the pulse tool calibration business typically reduced their tool management program costs by 30 to 50%.
Turnaround times, warranty concerns and business productivity is definitely improved.

Turnaround time on torque tester calibration is typically less than 3 working days.

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