Team Torque Inc. quickly provides torque tester calibration services for almost any brand of torque analyzer and tester.  We use a Dead Weight Calibration system on all testers that we calibrate. Team Torque Inc. is an authorized torque tester calibration service center for all of the major torque tool manufacturers in the industry. If your torque analyzer or tester is within our scope we can probably service it. Send in your tester or analyzer to our torque service and calibration center.

Team Torque Inc. will give you ALL detailed information on each Tester calibrated for FREE! 

We will also provide a Certificate of Calibration sheet that will show the following for each mechanical and electronic torque meter: Trending, location, status, range, calibration specification, completion date, accuracy before and after calibration, and the technician that certified the tester.

Along with being a torque wrench calibration and service lab, our Tester Lab is a fully equipped to repair torque testers and torque analyzers. We repair both analog and digital torque analyzers and testers.  We take care of most anything from the newest digital torque testers and wrenches on the market to older, analog torque testers and other units that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Our multi-talented torque tester calibration team represents more experience in calibration, verification, consulting, and interactive advisory on your companies torque testing needs.

Our team is made up of technicians, engineers, torque experts, sales experts and consulting specialists. Our key to success has been developing our team into a knowledge force that results in outstanding abilities to provide you needed answers and guidance in your ongoing need for an ergo-dynamic direction. Our torque testing services have provided direction for torque tester and electronic torque calibration needs around the world since 1993.

Electronic Calibration Reporting

Our desire to stay at the front of the industry has given us opportunity to work with prestigious companies for many years, and we pride ourselves in delivering them the highest level of quality work with calibration and repair.  We know it's important to keep our customers informed on new innovations and the latest trends of the industry. That's why we strive to make sure we continue to push the boundary of what we know as a company.

"Team Torque is the expert in the industry – they are the best in the world of torque."

Lab Information

Lab Manager - Rich Sabot

Turnaround time on torque calibration is typically less than 4 working days.

Current Torque Tester Calibration Pricing

Helpful Hints from the Tester Lab Guy

  • Make sure you run the tool to manufacturer recommended PSI of dynamic (while the tools is running) air pressure at the tool.

  • Proper hose size is important. The inside diameter of the air hose should be one size larger than the size of the inlet of the tool.

  • The air motor should be lubricated on a regular basis. This will keep the motor from seizing up and will prevent premature wear.

  • No tool should be set at it's max range. Find a tool that can be set at the low to mid range for the torque setting that is needed.