TORQUE TOOL quality and torque SAFETY


Torque tools are precision instruments, and are used in a variety of environments and applications.  Users rely on these torque wrenches and other tools to not only be reliable for accuracy but also for safety.  Our customers know that regular tool maintenance is important. Team Torque recognizes the need to give total confidence in torque tool service results.  Each torque wrench and tool we touch is given a full safety inspection to assure an expectation of functional safety.

Torque tool safety can fail for a variety of reasons, including:

Use - Regularly used instruments will show more wear than those that are only used occasionally.

Abuse - Using torque instruments for jobs that they were not intended.  For example, avoid this by not dropping your torque wrench or overloading the wrench with a pipe extension.

Improper Storage - Storing the tool in conditions that will lead to the corrosion in the tool.  High humidity areas may result in rust, for instance.  Storing "clicker" style torque wrenches in any condition other than the lowest setting will cause main spring wear and eventual failure.

Improper maintenance - Failure to properly clean and calibrate the tool on a regular basis causes lack of confidence in tool use results.  Checking the instrument before and after every use is helpful.  A major concern for torque tool safety and maintenance is failure to send in for replace worn or broken parts.

Team Torque is available to help set up customized tool management systems, including recommendations for regular maintenance based on your system needs and tool use.