about us

Team Torque's History 

Our company began in the 1980's as Missouri Valley Calibration.  Mr. Gary R. Anderson founded the company solely to fill a unique need for torque wrench calibration and repair services for torque wrenches across the upper Midwest.
Gary Anderson passed away early, at the age of 55 and the company was acquired by his only son, Mark Anderson.  Shortly after, our name changed to Team Torque Inc. 

Team Torque tests, repairs and calibrates all types of torque instruments, including torque wrenches (beam, click, dial and digital), torque multipliers, torque pulse guns, torque screwdrivers, torque testers and torque watches -- virtually anything torque. 

Our business strength increases daily.  Our quality torque tester and wrench calibration services are rated #1 and we now serve torque tool customers across North America.  And, we are earning new customers around the globe. "You Gotta Wanna" -(Founder) Mr. Gary Anderson (1938-1993)

“Quality is the ongoing decision of one to be relentless in the pursuit of what is correct. You’ve gotta wanna is the best mind set for quality – and only you can choose to keep it. Never Compromise – Endeavor Forward – Strive for Perfection.” -Mark Anderson, President\CEO  

Team Torque Inc Objectives:

    • Offer the quickest turnaround and extremely high torque calibration standard of quality 

    • Pride ourselves on the importance of doing it right and value customer satisfaction

    • Help the Automotive Industry succeed in their endeavor of increased quality

Team TOrque Mission: 

We alleviate your torque tool anxieties through accuracy, speed, and communication.


    • Expert and Specialty Leader in Torque Tools 

    • Full Service-Torque Repair Lab 

    • Factory Authorized Service Center for Torque Manufacturers  

    • Fastest Turnaround Torque Calibration Service Time in the Industry 

Team Torque Inc. is an independent calibration lab, specializing in the calibration and repair of torque instruments:

Torque Wrenches

Torque Testers

Torque Screwdrivers

Rotary Torque

Torque Testers

Torque Sensors

Torque Multipliers

Torque Transducers

Torque Calibrators

Power Torque Tools (Electric and DC)

Pneumatic Torque Tools

Specializes Torque - Call for any others

Special Note: Free Traceable Paper Certificates are provided with ALL torque calibration services!

The Team Torque Calibration Service Lab has the fastest turnaround times in the industry for torque testers and torque transducers.

We are A2LA accredited (Cert. #2472.01) and factory-certified to repair and calibrate all popular brands.

As part of our ISO commitment to quality and excellent customer service, we provide superior dedication to all customers, small and large.

Factory Authorized Torque Tool Center

Team Torque Inc. provides Fast, Full-Service Torque Calibration.  We are the national, factory-authorized torque calibration service center for most torque tool manufacturers.  This gives us a unique ability to repair all current models as well as older torque wrenches.  We have the nation’s largest inventory of torque repair parts on-hand and stand ready to provide the quickest turnaround options for repair and calibration in North America.


Team torque  core company values 

we value:

1. Higher Expectations of Excellence

2. Innovative Geekism

3. Fun and Fair Atmosphere

4. Urgency in our Process