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Sure, there is an invoice to pay for the service…but what is the real cost of calibration?

One of the first things to understand in the industries affected by “torque” is the philosophy of measurement. Foot-pounds, inch-pounds, Newton-meters, and other torque units are all based on a combination of length and force.

Somewhere, that length and force must be defined…there has to be a “standard” to ensure we are all operating within the same boundaries.

Our Laboratories maintain a line of traceability to the highest level possible, to ensure our calibrations are as accurate as possible.  This “traceability” is a key component in our ISO 17025 standard – this gives our customers confidence that the calibrations we perform are precise and true.

So…while it is nice to know how accurate calibration is, let’s now address the “Free” part of calibration.

As a manufacturer or service-provider, your customers are relying on your work to be done “right.”  There are financial liabilities involved in providing sub-standard products and services to your customers.

A torque tool that is out of calibration (i.e. giving wrong readings) may lead to damaged equipment.  This will cost you and your company time and money for repairs.

Lack of proper maintenance will lead to a tool breaking, or a shorter life-span for that same tool.  This will cost you and your company the cost of a new tool for a replacement.

Consider the costs involved in fixing such problems, and compare that to what is spent for proper calibration and maintenance. Remember to add in the amount of time saved with the confidence factor of knowing your torque tools are in proper condition.

We end with two known equations in the torque industry:

Torque = Length X Force

Calibration = Free