Team Torque offers more than just calibration and repair services for torque wrenches, torque testers, and more. Torque University is all about Torque Training, plain and simple.

We train what torque is and how it applies to our daily lives.

Providing information and resources to help your company make the right decisions regarding torque.

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Please participate: new research exploring how outstanding quality managers avoid torque blunders concerning safety, liability and warranty company concerns.

Throwing a group of technical or assembly employees into a room and demanding a quality result is not effective.  Building effective, high-performing teams requires finesse.  This study attempts to quantify the most common torque challenges and the best tactics to build outstanding quality.

Here’s how it works:

Invest about 2 minutes
Answer a few, simple questions
Get the results when our study is complete
Don’t miss the opportunity to lend your insight into a real, quality issue.  Let us know what you think by clicking the link below to participate!

Participate – How Outstanding Quality Avoids Company Torque Blunder

Torque University 15 Objectives for Educational Success

1. We Train and Explain the importance of proper torque

2 .We Train and Explain the importance of torque tool use

3. We Train and Describe the problems and effects of over tightening a fastener

4. Teach and Describe the problems and effects of under tightening a fastener

5. Teach and Describe factors that can affect your final torque accuracy

6. Teach and Describe factors to consider when determining torque

7. We Train and Explain how torque is utilized

8. Defining torque tools and their proper uses

9. Explain the importance of hand position and consistent speed

10. Explain and Describe methods for applying torque properly with a wrench

11. Describe methods for applying break away torque and "just move" torque

12. Explain and Describe methods for inspecting bolted joints 

13. Understanding and calculating torque values

14. Describe methods for measuring torque and ergonomic torque options

15. Explain the importance of inspecting torque tools on a daily basis (before use!)

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Why is torque so important to you?

Although many methods exist when joining parts together, the automatic ease of assembly provided by threaded fasteners make them the ideal choice for many applications.
The object of every single threaded fastener is to clamp parts together with a tension greater than the external forces tending to separate them.

However, if the initial tension is too low, varying loads act on the bolt or lug nut will quickly loose tension and fail by falling apart.  If the initial tension is too high, the tightening process may cause bolt or lug nut to fail.  Reliability therefore depends upon correct initial tension.  The most practical way of ensuring this is by specifying and controlling the tightening torque.  It is important to have a reliable, accurate torque to properly tighten fasteners to specification based on the needed tension.

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